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AHAVA has been the world leader in Dead Sea skin care products since 1988. They're famous for gathering the legendary healing minerals of the Dead Sea, and combining them with essential nutrients extracted from exotic vegetation that grows high in the Himalayan Mountains to produce a unique line of luxurious skin care products with ingredients proven to relax, nourish and re-vitalize your skin. Treat yourself and buy Ahava products for your face, hands, feet, or body,


All facial treatments I used Ahava products.

This facial is a quick pick me up facial for all skin types.  It is a pampering, relaxing treatment which will improve moisture balance & promote a healthy and radiant look. Cleanse,Steam, Blackhead extraction, exfoliate, massage and moisturize.                         

Manicures:  Nail shape, cuticle work, hand massage and nail polish. Ahava mineral hand cream is a specially formulated lotion with a balanced concentrate of natural minerals, extracts and Dead Sea water to instantly improve skin moisture level, smooth and soften rough, dry skin, and protect your hands from environmental and household damage.

Pedicures: Soak feet hard skin removal Nail shape, scrub, cuticle work, foot massage and nail polish. Ahava foot cream protects one of your most vulnerable and neglected body parts. This non-oily, easily absorbed cream softens and disinfects, preventing painful cracks and itching.

Waxing products: I used Lauen E cream warm wax with paper strip. And Tea tree after wax cream to sooth skin.

Ahava Facial products
Dermisonic Facial to treat mature/acne/pigmentation skin.
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